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The mixed use development proposal presents an unprecedented opportunity to revitalise and transform the economic and social fortunes of Stainforth, Hatfield, Dunscroft and Dunsville.


Its aim is to create a thriving and sustainable new community incorporating new homes, shops, learning and healthcare facilities, attractive open space and new public infrastructure with long term associated employment.

The scale and complexity of the project means that it requires careful planning and co-ordination on a comprehensive and master-planned basis.


This is a long-term project, anticipated over 20 years, spanning two plan periods.



• Working colliery and spoil heap

• Existing landfill site (Bootham Lane)

• Railway Station and live railway line

• Local Wildlife Sites (& other biodiversity value)

• Flood zone

• Network of drainage ditches

• Patchwork of arable fields and hedgerows

• Multiple ownerships


Aims & Objectives

• Range of employment opportunities

• Comprehensive mix of new homes

• Sustainable transport network

• High quality development

• Appropriate mix and range of uses and services

• Attractive and sustainable place

• Deliverable scheme

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