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The development is a long term plan. Following important survey works and community/stakeholder consultation the outline planning application will be submitted to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.  If successful at outline planning stage, the development will come forward in carefully planned phases, which will each be subject to further detailed planning application and consultation.


The development would be delivered over a number of years with separate areas of the site being brought forward depending on the phasing plan agreed with the Local Authority and of course, market demand.


The site is complex with a range of constraints and opportunities.  It is viewed as a very long-term commitment with circa1200 new homes being delivered in the first plan period until 2028.  This represents 100 new homes each year split across different areas of the site. In the longer term further growth will be realised by way of continued supply of new homes to 2035.


This is a comprehensive mixed use development providing not only new homes but much needed employment, retail, education, community and leisure uses. The vision is to create a high quality sustainable place for people to live, work and enjoy.